Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Triglycerides (80% in VLDL 15% in LDL)

1.      Triglycerides (80% in VLDL 15% in LDL)


Triglyceride levels are not strong predictors of atherosclerosis or CAD and may not be an independent risk factor. Triglyceride levels are inversely related to HDL cholesterol levels.

Normal Range

                                                 20 –170mg/dL





Normal Range



  Very high

< 150mg/dL

  150 – 199mg/dL

 200 – 499mg/dL

> 500mg/dL


Increased in

Genetic hyperlipidemias (e.g. Lipoprotein lipase deficiency, apo C..II deficiency, familial Triglyceridemia, dysbetalipoproteinemia); secondary hyperlipidemias (gout, pancreatitis, acute illness (e.g. in AMI rises to peak in 3 weeks and increase may persist for 1 year); drug use (e.g. thiazides, steroids, amiodarone, interferon).

Decreased in

Abetalipoproteinemia; malnutrition; vigorous exercise; drugs (e.g. ascorbic acid, clofibrate, phenformin, metformin, progestins).  

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