Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV)

Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV)

MCV is calculated as hematocrit (Hct) divided by RBC count with manual methods measured directly by automated instruments.
Normal range
Adults – 78-100Fl
Neonates- 102-115Fl.

Classification and differential diagnosis of anemia; useful screening test for occult alcoholism

Increased in (MCV > 95fL, Often > 110Fl)
All macrocytic anemias (megaloblastic anemias, Vit. B12’ folate deficiency, sprue, macrocytic anemia of pregnancy, megaloblastic anemia due to alcoholism, liver disease and hypothyroidism), infants and newborns.
Decrease in (MCV < 80FL)
Microcytic anemias
Usually hypo chromic (e.g. iron deficiency, pyridoxine – responsive thalassemia,   lead poisoning), chronic disease, abnormal HbC and HbE.

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